100% Pure, natural and ecological vegetable butters. Made up of vegetable oils in solid texture. obtained raw by cold pressing and then refined by physical means. Commonly used in cosmetics and foodstuffs.

We offer the cosmetic and food industry the experience to innovate in their formulations by accessing new and exotic raw materials, together with traditional ingredients.

Rich in vitamins, they provide deep hydration to skin and hair.

Vegetable butters are vegetable oils in solid texture, even at room temperature. They are obtained by pressure extraction through cold pressing or crushing of the fruit from which they come. They can be presented in crude or refined finish. The refined finish is carried out by purifying the raw butter, through physical processes, without the intervention of chemical bases. This system guarantees a high quality of the butter and a better preservation of the unsaponifiable active ingredients.


Vegetable butters are thick, creamy and consistent. Rich in vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, they stand out for their nourishing and emollient properties.

They are widely used in cosmetics as a base for multiple applications due to their solidified texture and their intense moisturising properties for skin and hair. In food, they are commonly used as an ingredient in a multitude of industrial formulations of processed products.

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