100% Pure, natural and organic plant extracts. Obtained by macerating a vegetable in water.

We offer the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry the experience to innovate in their formulations through access to new and exotic raw materials, together with traditional ingredients.

Macerated in different solvents, they acquire the therapeutic action of the plant they come from.

Plant extracts are natural preparations obtained by macerating a plant in a solvent. Through this process, the active principles, which are beneficial to the organism, are transferred to the solvent, giving rise to a natural compound suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.


There are different plant extracts depending on the solvent used. Some of them are:

  • Macerated or oily extract: When a vegetable oil is used as a solvent.
  • Hydroglycerinated extract: When the solvent used in the maceration is glycerine.
  • Hydroglycolic extract: When the solvent used is propylene glycol.

Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and active ingredients, they acquire the therapeutic action of the plant they come from during the maceration process.

Mainly used in natural cosmetics, pharmaceutical applications and various industrial productions.

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