Bela Vizago Nature S.L., operating under the brand name Bidah Chaumel Natural Ingredients, is a Spanish importer and international wholesaler of raw materials specialised in cosmetics and food, among other sectors. With more than 5,000 references in our catalogue, we have a global network of suppliers-producers who supply us with products of the highest purity and quality from anywhere in the world where they are grown or produced. We have a rigorous knowledge and control of the product from its origin to its subsequent delivery to the customer. We export to more than 40 countries and are considered a reference in our activity.

We are suppliers of 100% pure and natural oils, conventional and ecological, biochemically defined and obtained directly by manual and/or mechanical procedures without the intervention of chemical bases. They are certified natural and ecological products used in the manufacture of cosmetic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, phytosanitary and agricultural developments.

Excellence and customer service are two of the fundamental pillars of our activity. We offer products of the highest quality guaranteed by a rigorous purchasing policy and supplier approval and evaluation, guaranteed by our system of contrast analyses carried out by specialised Spanish laboratories.

We are present in many international markets where our specialisation in the commercialisation of natural and essential oils, floral hydrolats, absolutes, waxes and resins is appreciated.

Our company is made up of a multidisciplinary, highly qualified and specialised team, which provides our clients with tailor-made solutions and advice based on excellence and efficiency.

We purchase our oils directly from the main national and international producers. Members of our team travel periodically to different continents in search of the best raw materials and the best natural oils, in accordance with the highest standards of purity and quality. This way of working gives us a rigorous knowledge and control of the product from its origin to its subsequent delivery to the customer.

This way of proceeding, of being, is recognised by some of the most relevant international certifiers through the certifications they provide us with in terms of quality, procedures, safety and environment.